Flying Frames Productions is a Mumbai based production company focused on quality storytelling, striking visuals. Work produced has involved short films, music videos, cover songs, social media videos, web-series etc. The company is dedicated to supporting the creation of content that is both artistic and accurate and that engages an audience in response, bringing together the worlds of film, tv and digital with new media.

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Flying Frames Productions has received several awards at the film festivals like Vidharbha International Film Festival and the Kanchan Junja International Film Festival.

Founder and CEO

Raj Gill's artistic endeavors extended beyond just music. Recognizing the importance of visual storytelling in today's entertainment landscape, he founded Flying Frames Productions, a company dedicated to producing visual content. This venture allowed him to explore his passion for filmmaking, photography, and cinematography.

Flying Frames Productions became a platform for Raj to express his creativity in new ways. The company ventured into creating music videos, short films, and documentaries,web series and feature films further showcasing Raj's multifaceted talents. It also enabled him to collaborate with a diverse array of artists and professionals in the entertainment industry. Raj Gill has produced several short films and web series.


Our Service Includes


Video - Pre to Post Production

Our experts are capable to build stories in a new way to engage your audience

  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • Color Grading
  • Background Music(BGM)

Audio - Programming Mix & Mastering

Reworking and enhancing vocals using latest technologies

  • Dubbing
  • Singing Vocals
  • Mix & Mastering

Some of our projects


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